Salter Bros. Collection

On this website we endeavour to cover as much information as possible at first to cover Australian Engine and machinery manufacturers and then move forward to cover other engine manufacturers from around the world. The reason for doing this is because Australian engine history is more readily available in Australia and we already possess a lot of ephemera relating to Ronaldson Bros. & Tippett and Villiers Australia as well as Villiers Wolverhampton.

Topics of future research include Ballarat manufacturers: Sunshine / H.V.McKay, Jelbart, Jas Smith, Deutscher, Bulldog, Bruce & McClure and the list goes on.

High Quality Products

The other part of the website is the reproduction of high quality products relating to engines, motor-cycles, automobiles and machinery.
These are perfect for showing people your passion for stationary engines. 

How It All Began

The whole collection first came about from our Dad who had a couple of stationary engines which he later gave to us. This included Nathan’s Sundial and Matt’s Lister.
As a family we have attended many rallies and made many friends over the years at the rallies to which we enjoy attending and catching up with old friends.

Nathan Salter

A little about myself:

I have always had an interest in old engines and machinery since I could walk.
I have spent many hours over the years with my Dad in the shed working on projects.
Instead of taking an apprenticeship as a Mechanic, I decided that I would do my apprenticeship as a Fitter & Turner.

Over the last 25+ years I have collected all sorts of engines from around the world.
My first engine was a 2HP A Type Sundial.

This website is dedicated to sharing my knowledge and experience with you about my engines and Australian agricultural and farming engine history.

Nathan Salter

Nathan Salter (Left) buying his Austral from the Grandson of the original owner.

Matt Salter

A little about myself:

I am passionate about preserving and restoring history but I am also passionate about sharing that history so that other people can learn and become a part it.

My background is in photography and web development which has enabled me to take on and learn such skills as Photoshop and Illustrator. By taking these skills and crossing them over with my passion of history which includes old documents and photos, I have been able to scan old photos, old brochures etc. and bring them back to life and and share them with you through this website.

My first engine was a 5HP A Type Lister, but have collected all sorts of things over the years with a keen interest in Hot Air Engines as well as lamp start engines.

Matt Salter

Matt Salter at Uluru