Ronaldson Bros. & Tippett Early Australs

Some really nice examples of early Austral Oil Engines, starting off with the vertical type engines which were available in in a range of different horse powers from 3, 4 and 5 B.H.P. types (illustrated on the farm right) and 6 to 10 B.H.P (illustrated to the right).

The vertical type engine was initially made for space consideration and was rated equally powerful and economical as the horizontal type engines of 1905 -1906 period.

Note the steps on the engine to the right so that you can get up on it to light the lamp and put fuel in the fuel tank.

Ronaldson Tippett Super Drive Tractor

Below we can see further applications of the Ronaldson Bros. & Tippett vertical Austral in regards to an all in one portable saw bench unit and a stationary pumping unit.

Horizontal Ronaldson Bros. & Tippett Australs

We have two different models below, the small portable type which was available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 B.H.P. and the large portable type which was available in 7, 8, 9 B.H.P. and upwards. These engines were especial adapted for driving chaff cutters, baggers, corn crushers, pumps, shearing machines and circular saws.

Stationary Ronaldson Bros. & Tippett Austral

This stationary Austral is closer to the standard design Austral that we know and love, it was available in sizes from 3 B.H.P. to 10 B.H.P.

It was used for driving mills, chaff plants, shearing machines, milking machines and any gear of stationary character direct or per medium of counter shafting.