Ronaldson Tippett – Ford Model T Fan

HI-LO Fans for Model T Ford Cars

The Hi-Lo fan is an indispensable fitting for a Ford car. Owing to the unique construction of the blades, 100 per cent air thrust is obtained which keeps the engine cool under the hottest conditions.

It cuts lubricating costs in half and absolutely prevents boiling.
It can be fitted in two minutes with a screw driver.

Price 12/ –
On Fords sold before 1922, a new arm and pulley is required at extra cost of 10/ –

Direct Advantages
Saving on repair bills; saving on oil; saving gas by using less of it; comfort of driving on the hottest days on the longest trips.

Over-heating, warped valves, heated foot boards, cracked spark plugs, lubrication trouble, scored cylinder walls and frequent failings.

Ronaldson Tippett - Ford Model T Fan