Ronaldson Tippett Sawbenches


  • Best Saws procurable
  • Ring Oiler Bearings
  • Kauri Pine Frames
  • Large Steel Spindles
  • Built without Mortices
  • Ready for work
  • Belt Guide and side guard
  • Extra Strong, Durable and safe
  • Plain or special ripping tops, transports, or post boring devices extra.
  • To crosscut your firewood, rip your droppers, and bore your posts.

This sawbench was made to run off an Ronaldson Tippett Austral Oil Engine.

If you look below you can see its evolution into the Ronaldson Tippett Type B Sawbench.

Ronaldson Tippett Austral Sawbench
Ronaldson Tippett Sawbenches

A line of sawbenches that are typical Ronaldson Tippett Productions

Ronaldson Tippett Type A Sawbench

Model A, cross-cutting and ripping sawbench

Frames are of thoroughly seasoned 4 inch x 3 inch Vanikoro Kauri or other high grade timber, check jointed and fitted with ground sills. Note substantial stays to hold frame rigid.

Frame can be quickly tightened up – no mortices to rot. The bearings are lined with white metal, and, being self aligning, the 1-5/8 inch saw spindle will always run freely.

The table is steel plated at feeding end, and has case hardened steel rollers which run very easily on angle steel rails.

When ripping, the table is held to the bench frame by one bold; the adjustable guide which forms the back rest for cross-cutting is then turned round and can be set to cut plants to any desired thickness.

This bench is quipped for boring droppers. Only the best English saws are fitted.

Sizes 24 inch, 26 inch, 30 inch, and 36 inch.

Model B, cross-cutting sawbench

Our standard cross-cutting sawbench is made in three sizes, 24 inch, 30 inch and 36 inch.

It is essentially a quality production that will stand up to a life-time of hard work.

Frames are of 5 inch x 4 inch thoroughly seasoned Vanikoro Kauri or other superior timber, check joins are used through and bolted together so that the frame may be tightened whenever necessary. There are no mortices.

Four iron stays and ground sills ensure rigidity.
A log guard is fitted round the saw.

Special ring oiler bearings provide for lubrication and economy in oil. A 1 3/4 inch bright steel spindle with strong washers carries the saw.

The rolling top is nearly 4 feet wide with an outer guard rail, and is carried on four non-choking adjustable rollers.

This bench is equipped with an attachment for boring droppers.

The best English saws only are fitted.

Ronaldson Tippett Type B Sawbench
Ronaldson Tippett Type C Sawbench

Model C, tilting table sawbench

This is a very handy sawbench for small requirements.

It can be driven by an engine of low power capacity, and its cost is so reasonable that it is brought within the reach of every firewood cutter.

The frame is made of the best Vanikoro Kauri or other high quality timber that has been thoroughly seasoned.

It is fitted with self-aligning, ring-oiler bearings, 1 1/2 inch bright steel spindle, guard over saw and is well painted.

It is equipped for boring droppers.

This sawbench is not intended for ripping.

Only the best English saws are fitted.

Model D, standard firewood sawbench with outer rail

We strongly recommend this type where more than the average quantity of wood is to be cut.

The frame is made of 5 inch x 4 inch thoroughly seasoned Vanikoro Kauri or other high-quality timber, check jointed throughout and bolted so that the frame can always be tightened.

No mortices to rot.

Fitted with extension outer rail which carries the weight of the wood sawn off.

The table is exceptionally solid, and is heavily plated all over.

Special ring oiler-bearings provide for splendid lubrication and economy of oil.

A 1 3/4 inch steel spindle with big size washers carries the saw.

The bench has an attachment for boring droppers, and is equipped with a saw guard which conforms with all the regulations of the Factories Act.

The rolling top is carried on size adjustable non-choking rollers of large diameter.

The bench is made to carry 36 inch, 42 inch, and 48 inch saws.
Best English saws used.

Ronaldson Tippett Type D Sawbench

Designed and Built for Hard Work – Long Life