Ronaldson Tippett Tobacco Planter

The Ronaldson Tippett Tobacco Planter Embodies 27 Special Features

Ensuring greater strength and more reliable operation, longer life with an absolute minimum of duplicates, easier working and more comfort to operate.

1. Bigger water vessel, enabling more water to be supplied when planting is done under dry conditions. The water feed to each plant is adjustable.

2. Better type of wheel, with diagonal spokes. A centre flange is placed between spokes as the spokes are welding to this flange as well as the boss of the wheel, a very strong and everlasting job is assured.

3. Mudguards taken right forward to prevent dust coming up onto planters. The dust trouble in many districts in the past has been considerable.

4. Improved sand washers. Caps right over boss of wheel, inside and out.

5. Handle on inside of guard for pulling against lifting lever.

6. Cross stays for mudguards.

7. Square main axle, much stronger than usual. Quadrant carrying lifting gear cannot turn as on a round axle.

8. Seedling trays much stronger, making frame more rigid.

9. Longer guide on water trip lever.

10. Improved type of mouldboard and coulter to prevent dirt rising over mouldboard. Mouldboard is also shaped to make planting easier and safer, and prevents planter’s hands from being knocked about.

11. Back bottom cross bar out or road of seedlings.

12. Heavier king pin and washers for front wheel.

13. Bigger hinged bolt and casting to carry the mouldboard.

14. Spring steel for back seat supports.

15. Heavier chain for water feed gear.

16. Guard over water feed gear chain.

17. Better type chain tightener with roller.

18. Safety foot rests.

19. Adjustable coulter.

Ronaldson Tippett Tobacco Planter
Ronaldson Tippett Tobacco Planter

Rear view of the new Ronaldson Tippett Tobacco Planter, showing planting device. Notice the large seedling trays, improved mouldboard, and water feed.
The big seats are comfortable and well stayed.

20. King pin extra large and fitted with renewable bush.

21. Increased leverage on lifting lever, making it easier to handle.

22. Deeper angle irons to carry pole.

23. Swivelling attachment for lifting lever.

24. Bigger seats.

25. Strainer double area.

26. Centre bearing on water trip spindle.

27. Seat back stays stronger.

Other Features

  • Automatic clutch to prevent water valve opening when backing.
  • Special full circle turntable.
  • Trigger lock on turntable to prevent machine turning when planting.
  • King pin extra large and fitted with renewable bush.
  • Double large front wheels with wide trade. Do not pack the soil, and turn easily.
  • Curved tyres on rear wheels.
  • A tray in front of each man to carry plants.
  • Adjustable seats.
  • Planter fitte with pole and 2-horse swingle bar.
  • All parts are quickly accessible and easy to grease.
  • Adjustable spacing for plants – three different distances apart.